Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

This new freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center is located on a site adjacent to old Interstate I-40 in Winston-Salem, NC.

The program was built around two Operating Rooms. The center is designed to provide one-way flow of all surgical patients from Reception through Discharge and includes a separate Surgery Discharge exit and drive-under canopy.

The Pre/Post Procedure Bays were strategically designed to share support spaces, such as Clean Supply and Soiled Holding, to minimize redundancy of those spaces. Staff can efficiently flow between Pre-Procedure and Recovery Areas without ever crossing the flow of surgery patients.

A dedicated staff entrance and parking area allow physicians to enter the building without crossing public areas. There is also a separate set of double doors directly off the Sterile Core which is used as needed when installing new equipment.

Dual HVAC Systems were designed in order to provide two separate mechanical systems. The Business Area utilizes a standard premanufactured air handling unit with plenum return, while the Surgery Core is conditioned by a custom air handler with final filters and a ducted return. This approach saved thousands of dollars in the cost of the mechanical system.

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Principal in Charge: John M. Beyer, AIA, NCARB

Project Architect: John Robert Harvey, AIA, NCARB

Contact: Ron Shealy, MD 336.768.3361

Square Feet: 9,849

Cost: $2,453,691

Completion: November 29, 2011

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