Bio-Medical Center

Bio-Medical Center

This 87,000 square foot facility located in Charlotte, NC, is the North American Headquarters of Octapharma AG, an international pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of life-saving drugs.

This unique Tier III Facility provides space for the storage and testing of frozen blood plasma and blood samples collected from over 45 facilities nationwide.

The building is comprised of three sections: a two-story Corporate Headquarters, a Laboratory for testing collected blood samples, and a -32 ˚C Plasma Freezer Warehouse.

The Warehouse stores over $200 million of plasma on a fully automated rack and crane system. The Blood Testing Lab has over 3000 square feet of automated testing equipment with several smaller Blood Bank Testing Cells.

The building won the 2015 Charlotte AIA Design Award – People’s Choice for Unbuilt Designs.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Principal in Charge: John M. Beyer, AIA, NCARB

Project Architect: Damian Huneycutt, AIA, NCARB

Contact: Judy Smith, Executive Vice President 704.283.3460

Square Feet: 86,850

Cost: $27,448,315

Completion: February 2015

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