WMBA prides itself on having a robust studio culture and a family-like atmosphere. Our open studio encourages collaboration and teamwork to create successful projects. We also live by the “work-hard play-hard” motto, and celebrate each other’s personal triumphs, as well as participating in a variety of team-building activities in and out of the office.

Office Birthdays

“Everyone in our office knows each other and is always willing to help. Our birthday celebrations each month are just one way we come together. Heather Beard loves llamas, so I agreed to a llama cake for our May birthdays ‐ have to keep the project manager happy, right?”

Jon Amari, Architectural Designer

Any Reason to Celebrate with Cake!

“Our WMBA culture is about caring and being supportive of life milestones. Whether it’s getting a puppy or purchasing your first home, our studio community is there to share experiences, words of wisdom, and to celebrate those achievements while eating cake!”

Cori Swanson, Interior Designer

Halloween Costume Contest

“Playing “Architect” everyday is hard work so we use Halloween as a good excuse to escape reality for a little while. As a studio, we believe it is important to have a fun work environment and take opportunities to team build whenever possible even as a pumpkin, a not‐so‐scary scare crow, and Negan from “The Walking Dead”.”

Ashley Girth, Architectural Designer