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The Interoperative MRI (IMRI) is the latest trend in providing a new tool within the Operating Room for Neurosurgery. This technology allow the MRI carried on an overhead trolley system to move from the Diagnostic Room into the OR to scan images during the Surgical Procedure to help improve the surgical outcome. When the scanning is completed the MRI machine will return to its home location within the Diagnostic Room. The CMC Main IMRI project is located on the Fifth Floor in an existing Surgical Department within a suite of Operating Rooms. The plan is to repurpose an existing Storage Room and remove the current Neurosurgery OR to make space for the new integrated MRI/OR Suite. The area of renovation is approximately 2,500 SF, which includes the OR, MRI Diagnostic Room, a Control Room, Equipment Room, Patient Prep Area, and a Patient Toilet. The suite design will allow the MRI Diagnostic Room and the MRI to function apart from the OR. This will give the facility the opportunity to make the best use of the both the OR for General Surgeries apart from the Neurosurgery function; and the MRI as a straight diagnostic tool. Because of its location within an existing Surgical Suite and the possible noise level, extra precautions were taken to enhance the acoustical rating of the surrounding walls and limit the transfer of sound to sensitive areas. Also, due to the Fifth Floor location there was a need to place magnetic shielding under the Fifth Floor slab for protection of the level below. The finishes involved are typical to those found with the OR, and carried over into the MRI Diagnostical Room. Because, these two rooms open to each other during an Interoperation Procedure becoming a large open area. As a result, special consideration is given to the mechanical design because these separate rooms will be opened to each other during surgery while scanning is being done.


Charlotte, North Carolina

Principal In Charge


Project Architect

Dave Magariner, AIA, NCARB


Tom Dreer, Project Manager, 704.512.3125

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Est. January 2018

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