Helping Design and Build the Future of Healthcare

Our team is made up of a variety of specialized experts, providing the highest level of expertise to lead the planning, design, and construction of your project from beginning to end. All while making sure to optimize your budget and maximize your value.


Our unparalleled service and design process have made us a trusted leader in healthcare architecture. The WMBA staff are experienced experts and work with you from start to finish every step of the way, providing their skills and knowledge as the most important resources for a project.

The WMBA team brings over 25 years of experience to every project we work on, allowing us to offer our clients unmatched service. We have worked on a wide array of healthcare and bio-tech projects, ranging from acute care hospitals and medical hospitals to specialized laboratories.

We understand that your success and the health of your patients depends on the strength of our team.

We don’t just provide services—we create solutions to help you reimagine healthcare.

Interior Design

A well-designed room can make all the difference for a patient to help them feel comfortable and at their best during a stay. That includes not only the physical space, but the interior design and functionality as well.

The WMBA interior design studio experts fully believe that better environments create better quality of care, experience, and ultimately a better representation of your image. Our tea has better than 25 years of experience in create better environments for patients, and we design create solutions that benefit everyone.

We create aesthetically pleasing interior environments that put positivity and healing in the forefront. We work within your budget and craft creative solutions around your individual project needs to deliver long term value and enjoyable, updated areas for years to come.

Together, we can create better environments to help more people.

Contact our Director of Interior Design to learn more about our interior planning, design, and construction.