Cori M. Swanson

Cori M. Swanson

Interior Designer, Associate


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Cori grew up in the rural Garden State New Jersey but has spent most of her adult life in the Charlotte area. Starting at a community college in Coastal Carolina, she completed her Associate’s Degree in Interior Design. A few years later, she went back to school for a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design for a stronger educational base to pursue commercial design. Cori’s passion for healthcare design developed at WMBA, where she continues to grow with every project and design team experience. Outside of work, Cori’s favorite things are hiking, cooking, finding new plant friends and cuddling with her sassy Pomeranian.


“Cori is one of the most professional, hardworking and creative people I know. Over the last almost 5 years I have gotten to know Cori professionally and personally and I consider her a great friend. Her love for design can be seen in all of her projects and she works hard to provide the best possible result for the clients. She can be considered a pro at cancer center design and her care and compassion for those patients and their families can be seen in all aspects of the design process. Outside of work you can find her hanging out with her adorable Pomeranian, spending time at local breweries or attending an Avett Brothers concert. Her love for them is unmatched.”

– Courtney Cummins
Interior Designer

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