Courtney Cummins

Courtney Cummins

Interior Designer


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Courtney was born and raised in Charlotte, NC (yes, a unicorn!) and only spent a couple of years away while she attended Appalachian State University. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design and began working for WMBA right out of school in 2016. She continues to give back to the program that meant so much to her by mentoring students as they go through learning everything about design and the processes as well as shares real working-world knowledge as they prepare to graduate. Outside of work, Courtney enjoys hanging out with her dog, Tater Tot, traveling to new places, and scoping out new breweries in the Charlotte Area.


“I’ve worked with Courtney for about 5 years now and she has strengthened her creative, reliable, and hardworking qualities at WMBA. She’s a team player that collaborates with our architecture team and helps develop design ideas within our interiors team. She enjoys creating a beautiful and functional design based on the client’s expectations as well as seeing construction through to make sure it comes together as envisioned. When Courtney isn’t working on projects around her house, her spunky 4-legged sidekick, Tater Tot, keeps her on her toes.”

– Cori Swanson
Associate, Interior Designer

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