Jenn Potter

Jenn Potter

Interior Designer

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Jenn is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. While in school, she worked for Mississippi State University’s Department of Planning, Design, and Construction where she specialized in ADA code evaluation. During this internship, she saw firsthand many of the challenges those with disabilities face, and this is where she first knew she wanted to make a greater impact through Healthcare Design. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places, going on hiking adventures with her dog Bo and boyfriend Justin. She also loves to get creative in the kitchen working on new recipes or in front of a blank canvas with a pallet of paint.


“Jenn immediately blended in with our small interiors group and the architectural studio. Her outgoing, witty, and inquisitive nature made it comfortable to collaborate with her and get to know outside of work and around the studio (pre-COVID). Always with the client in mind, she consistently shows enthusiasm for design, innovative ideas, and being open-minded. When Jenn isn’t on an adventure, she is probably putting together (or just eating) a board of charcuterie with a nice bottle of wine.”

– Cori Swanson
Associate, Interior Designer

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