Todd R. McGraw

Todd R. McGraw

Managing Principal

Registered in NC & SC, NCARB, LEED AP

Phone Number:

I came to Charlotte in 1982 after finishing Graduate School at Clemson.  I met my Wife on a blind date. She is a Charlotte native (a rarity). My passion is Healthcare design.

FUN FACT: I grew up on Dazey Drive, a street name after an Architect; But; not a famous Architect, just the Architect who lived across the street that developed our post-World War 2 neighborhood of small homes for new families.  His name was Don Dazey, and he also built an amusement park adjacent to the neighborhood.  It was a kid’s dream existence.  Us neighborhood kids used to cut holes in the fence surrounding the park as a form of ‘free admission’; so eventually, he just gave all of us season passes, thus ending my life of crime.

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